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You can live here, in the next town, or even in Morocco. Your neighbourhood is our neighbourhood and the yellow brick road that unites us is loving cinema.

To be a neighbourhood cinephile means enjoying movies of all kinds, in the dark, with lots of conversation. Being a cinephile in this neighbourhood is better than having a direct red line to anywhere: it's having a blue carpet into this not-so-secret club.

Did someone mention we have the best newsletter money can't buy? Nobody knows who writes it...


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strangelove screenings

pop-up events, cult movies, and you can sing along

Without enrolment fee or any other sales techniques out of a Wall Street 80s movie:

  • Full Year (JAN - DEC) = 20€ 
  • Semester ( JUL - DEC) = 12€

The payment is through bank transfer (or at the ticket office, in one of the regular screenings), and you'll get all the info by filling in the form below.

Thanks for your participation! We love you, yeah, yeah, yeah!

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